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I have been cooking and providing catering services in many different modes, venues and situations for over 3 decades now (yikes!). Since 2000 my main professional focus and livelihood has been Almatierra Catering, a retreat catering business centered around cooking on site for multi-day events for groups of all kinds desiring highest quaility ecclectic cuisine.

Within this background I have learned to cater to those with special dietary needs along side what ever it is I am preparing, which has empowered and allowed me to adapt recipes in creative, healthy and tasty ways.

Quality food is so beautiful and I consistently find myself delighted by the simpliciy of the beauty of the raw ingredients and the diversity of the final presentation of the creation. Working with food continues to be one of my main expressions of art as well as an opportunity to practice, share and offer a healing presence to those I work with and for. 

I have enjoyed many years of a sucessful reteat catering serving beautiful communities of people, many popular teachers and opportunities to work on site at very special places.

I seek to prepare food and share space within a calm and peaceful atmosphere, infusing the food with what I consider the most important ingredient: Love!

Come Together

Menus are Individually Designed, Emphasizing Organic, Local, Free Range and Sustainably Harvested as reasonably possible